What are Negative Keywords in Paid Marketing?

by Khan June 29, 2019
negative keywords


Negative keywords are one of the most powerful features at pay per click. This can help you to stop wasting the budget as a result of saving money. Moreover, chances are high in getting quality leads by adding negative keywords in your PPC account.

However, more than 50% of PPC experts do not build a negative keyword list, as a result, they miss out on the chance to lower down the cost per conversion.

Top PPC service provider, an expert never waste your budget on irrelevant clicks.

Roll up your sleeves because here I’m going to explain negative keywords and their uses in detail.

Negative Keywords

Want to show your ads only to the relevant audience, right?

Obviously, everyone wants…But Google Ads don’t know relevancy till the time you don’t tell.

Do you know how to get rid of extraneous clicks?

Well, That’s where negative keywords come into the picture.

Let’s figure out…

For example, your company provides tech support for printers. But you do not offer label printer support. Obviously then you want to expel label terms to control unwanted clicks especially when you set up with broad and/or phrase match keywords.

You are bidding on keywords “brother printer support”, “Epson support”, etc however not using negative keywords.

If someone searches for “Epson support for label printers”, as a result, your advertisements triggering. Therefore, you are getting irrelevant clicks. Boo-hoo!

SO, by adding “label” in your negative keyword list, you are telling Google not to show your ads for any searches which contain the term “label”. Cool!

Campaign Level and Ad Group Level Negative Keywords

There are two ways to add negative keywords in AdWords account – campaign level, and Ad group level.

Do you know the difference?


Alright, keep reading…

campaign level means you are telling AdWords not to show your advertisements for any searches which contain the terms you listed in the negative keywords.
Whereas, Ad group level means, don’t show advertisements for the terms are listed in negative keywords of specific ad groups only.

For instance, you sell shirts but there are no sleeveless shirts in your inventory. Hence, add “sleeveless shirts” in your negative keyword list.
Similarly, you specify PPC ad groups like formal shoes, sneakers, etc. However, you don’t have red and yellow sneaker in your inventory. Add “red sneakers” & “yellow sneakers” in the list of negative keywords respectively. Bingo!

negative keyword selection

Tips For Building a Perfect Negative Keywords List

Who doesn’t want to cut-off wastage of money? Everyone wants to save.

If you are using the phrase and/or broad match keywords but not adding negative keywords in your Adwords account then you are in a big mess.

SO, don’t hesitate to make a strong negative keyword list for your PPC campaign.

Do you know how to build?

No – Well, learn simple, perfect and too easy tips. Keep reading…

TIP 1: Google Ads Keyword Planner

Since you are building a negative keyword list for your Google Adwords PPC campaign, hence don’t forget to explore its keyword planner.

The keyword planner is a free and robust tool to get connected terms and perceive what you wish to break down out.


keyword planner

TIP 2: Google Suggest

During manual searches, you may notice many suggestions by Google search engine. Here, you can find out the terms who are not related to your niche.

For example, you are selling online full sleeves shirts for men only.

google suggest


Since you are selling men’s full sleeve shirts accordingly you have to add women, baby boy, and boy, etc in your negative keywords.

TIP 3: Related Searches

Google search is not only helpful for PPC but also for SEO. Hence, you can take many ideas from Google SERP itself.

It shows some related searches at the bottom of the results page. This gonna help you to add up some extra keywords in your list.

Say, you are selling canvas shoes thus search accordingly…

related searches


In the above image, you see related searches.

Suppose you do not have black canvas shoes in your inventory, therefore, you have to add black canvas shoes in your negative keyword list and so on…

Pretty awesome, right?

YES – Therefore, start building a strong negative keyword list and snatch thousands of dollars.


Building a negative keyword list is a fantastic money-saving idea. To be sure adding negative keywords in your Google ads account results in reducing cost per conversion, getting quality leads plus stop wasting expenses, in short, the success of your PPC campaign.


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