Top 3 Reasons for using Keywords Everywhere Tool For 2020

by Khan September 19, 2019
Keyword everywhere tool


Keywords everywhere tool, oh yes, I am going to talk about this fantastic monster for your keyword research.

Your business is precious for you, right?

Of course, Yes.

If you are going to build up a perfect keyword list to promote your business over the internet, then this article is for you.

Either you are planning for PPC (Pay per click) or SEO (Search engine optimization) services, you require a list of profitable keywords.

But the BIG question is – how will you do this?

There are multiple ways to do so but besides quality, your time is also important. If you succeed to save your time then you can utilize for another important task to go faster online.

Today I’m going to tell you a keyword research tool for I’ve been finding myself becoming a bigger fan this year because of its ease and robustness.

I know everyone wants a perfect keywords list and you too, right?


Here, in this article, I’ll let you know the top 3 reasons for using keywords everywhere tool and I believe you will also going to fall in love with it.

Keywords everywhere is a browser extension that you can use with Chrome and Mozilla firefox. This is very convenient that helps you in building the best keyword lists.

There are so many reasons why I prefer keywords everywhere extension over other tools.

Apart from all major reasons, first I’d like to explain the top three major reasons as follows:

1. Keywords Everywhere Tool Saves Your Time

You do not require to log in any dashboard to check the keywords stats.

Now, whenever you want to check the stats of any desired keyword, just put that keyword in the search bar of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (whatever you use) and get the results.

That’s it? Obviously, not.

2. Additional Suggestions by Keywords Everywhere

Keywords everywhere tool is not limited by just giving stats of your selected keyword but also gives you a list of related keywords on the right-side panel of SERP.

Do you know what?
The best thing about this tool is not only giving the volume of your desired keyword but also it gives an idea of expected volume, CPC and competition metrics for all keywords.

keywords everywhere tool matrics3. Cost of Keywords Everywhere

Cost is one of the major factors for every tool. Obviously, it must be because of money matters. I know you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money even not me.
Believe or not, but this powerful tool is very cheap in cost. Also, there will neither be a monthly recurring plan nor a yearly.

Do you believe – you have to subscribe for pay as you go plans, the credit-based payment plan cost you just $1 for 10,000 keywords?


That’s it? Obviously not…

There are several other benefits too and believe you are willing to know them. Therefore, pull up your sox, I’m going to explain here. Keep reading…

Compatibility With Other Platforms

Keywords everywhere tool is not only limited to Google search engine results but also accessible when you use Google Search Console, Google Ads Keyword Planner, Google analytics, Bing Search, Google Trends, Google Search Widgets, eBay, Youtube, Moz, Majestic, Answer The Public, Soovle, Etsy and even Amazon.

It displays monthly search volume and relevant statistics as already discussed above.

KW List Download Option in Keywords Everywhere Tool

Who doesn’t love the ease, do you? Of Course, everyone loves easiness.
Similarly to other popular paid tools, it gives you an option to download a list of related keywords in one file of CSV format just in one click.

Cool enough? Yes, it’s.

keywords everywhere tool export option

Keywords Everywhere Tool’s Customization Settings

Do you like to customize any tool as per your desire? Who will deny?

Customization option is always lovable by techies because with the help of this you can get results according to your needs.

Well, keywords everywhere give you many customization options that allow you to enable and disable certain metrics. For example, if you are only willing to get competition stats with search volume then you can disable CPC from the main settings. In addition, you can set up a country, currency, etc as per your requirement.

keywords everywhere apiMark Your Favourites Under Keywords Everywhere Tool

This is what? A useful function, absolutely likable.

This function is available in Google SERP. Keywords everywhere allow you to star mark of your favorite keywords for future use. Whenever you want to collect them just go to the extension icon of keywords everywhere and select “my keywords”.

You can copy them to the clipboard, in addition, can download Excel, CSV, PDF formats plus can print your entries if want.

I think now you are excited to test keywords everywhere tool with your computer browser, right?

Okay, just follow the below steps and go ahead with a good try…

Step 1: Install keywords everywhere extension and sign up with them for getting an API key. Usually, they send the API directly into your email address immediately.

Step 2: You have to activate your extension with this. That’s it…


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