Quality Score – 3 Simple Tips to Get 10/10 QS in Google Ads 2019

by Khan June 15, 2019
Google Ads Quality Score


A higher Quality Score results in low CPC, high ROI & better ad rank. Thinking how to get a 10/10 quality score? Steal my Secret to get 10/10 QS…

Well, getting a Higher QS is not a piece of cake. Moreover, there is no rocket science to increase the quality score.

Today I’m going to explore my SECRET of getting a higher quality score.

But first, start with the basic understanding furthermore, go for tricks.

Let’s move…

Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) is the biggest platform for online marketing. Every year Adwords users are increasing because digital marketing is on the boom.

Google ads use a factor for their keywords called quality score so understand with the basic definition.

Quality Score

This is an estimate of the quality of your overall ads performance. The keywords which have higher QS leads to lower prices and better ad positions. – Google

Simply Google wants to give excellent user experience by the relevancy of searchers’ terms. For that reason, every Adwords account having a quality score to know actually how relevant is ad copy with listed keywords.

Higher QS means a good relevant ad copy that offering an excellent user experience with the landing page for the search query.

BUT – where Google listed this important factor?

Google decided to list this with the keywords, as a rule, you can add a quality score column in your keyword list.


quality score

Default quality score (QS) and their factors?

The default quality score is 6 for that reason every new keyword comes with quality score 6. But your aim is to make it 10.

There are three major factors of quality score

  • Click-through rate – A ratio showing how often people who see your ad end up clicking it. Clickthrough rate (CTR) can be used to gauge how well your keywords and ads are performing.
  • Ad Relevancy – How closely the elements of your ad copy match with the searcher’s query.
  • Landing page experience – This measures the relevancy of contents, the load speed of your website and usability of your landing page. Again love to remind you that Google aims to promote advertisers who provide a top-notch user experience.

Why does Quality Score matter?

Hence this does not only increases the user experience but also increase your ad rank results in low CPC and high ROI.

To calculate the ad rank you can use the formula – Quality Score x Max CPC = Ad Rank


Don’t underestimate the QS…

Therefore top PPC service provider never ignores the quality score.

Worried about QS? Just chill…

Now it’s time to explore my SECRET – “3 Simple Tips to Get 10/10 Quality Score in Google Ads”.

Personally, I use these tricks and see what I achieve…


google adwords keywords score


Being a PPC expert I like to OBSESS with attention to detail of quality score and advise the same.

SO– read carefully every tip whatever is given below…

Tip #1: Writing relevant ad copy

When you will write your ad, remember, you have to include your keyword within your ad copy contents to improve ad relevancy and user experience, as a result, a good CTR. For example;

In the above example, you can see that the keyword “Digital marketing course” is mentioned in the heading of ad copy that’s mean when the searcher search about the digital marketing course will find this ad relevant to the search query.

Tip #2: Landing page relevancy

A landing page is the most crucial part of your digital marketing strategy to achieve the desired goal because this is the last step through where you can convert your website visitors into customers.

An effective landing page always Helps to increase conversion rate and ROI.

Play smartly…

I would like to clear one thing that your landing page would not be your website’s home page but it should be any specific relevant page that closely related to the searcher’s query. For instance

  • Example 1: if any searcher search about “web development services” then never even land him on the home page or service page. In this matter, you should have to create a specific landing page with some relevant keywords and images of web development services only.
  • Example 2: If searcher searching about “running shoes” then you do not have to land him on the products category page or home page but you should have to land him on the page of running shoes only.

Last but not least…

Tip #3: Account structure

Your account structure should not be messy.

For example; suppose you are selling three services 1. SEO 2. PPC and 3. Website designing.

When you will set up a Google Ads campaign, do not put all keywords of all related services in a single ad group. In this case, at least create three different groups for each service with their relevant keywords or create multiple campaigns with multiple ad groups with only a few keywords in a group.

As well as, create multiple ad copy for each ad group.

google adwords account structure

Final Words

Surely, if you will follow given these points or tips you will give 10/10 or a higher quality score similarly I get.

But do not ignore A/B testing, ad extension and giving attractive offers to your valuable searchers to increase traffic, CTR and Quality Score.


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